My story

What comes to mind when you think of dried flowers? Many might automatically picture images of their older relatives; hues of colour that do not fit in with a contemporary lifestyle, or modern furnishings. Well, think again!


My vision is to change the image of dried flowers. Drawing on my years of experience in the flower industry, I will deliver stunning creations to my customers, linking my designs to the artistic forms that inspire me; I am truly enthused by modern art and fashion, whilst also taking inspiration from the various international flower shows that I have attended.


Using only the best traditional materials, along with a scrupulous modern-eye, I am able to create stylish bespoke pieces for any event. My background in graphic design, combined with years of study spent at floristry school, has motivated me to challenge the expected, create the unique, and be both analytical and romantic in my approach to floristry.


My multi-cultural background, having grown up in Toulouse, whilst having English heritage, also inspires my work. I am able to take aspects of each culture and intertwine them to produce something truly distinctive and special.


I am able to create anything on demand and would love to hear from you! Please contact me via email, with your concept and contact details, and we can begin.

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